uBreakiFix Singapore Gaming Console Repair

uBreakiFix also specializes in gaming console repairs for common gaming console brands such as Sony’s Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft X-Box and other brands and model including ASUS ROG Phone.

If you are unsure what problems you device are facing, do read on to find out the common issue that some of our customer faced. Alternatively, you may contact our staff directly through phone call, WhatsApp or you may bring down your device to any of our stores for free diagnosis to get your gaming console repaired.

Common Gaming Console issues

Dust Build up / Overheating

Dust build up in gaming consoles can lead to many issues such as slowing down due to overheating or worse cases scenario, the whole console may fail, But dismantling of the gaming console is a simple task as some manufacturer may required some specially designed tools to disassemble the device. Hence to prevent any damage, it is advisable to bring down your device to a trusted and professional to help you check and clear of any dust build up.

Common signs of dust build up:

  • Fan running on full speed/ loud even when no game is running
  • The device is uncomfortably hot to touch
  • Sudden lag or even software crash/ error code

Contact us for a free diagnosis or bring down your device to our store.

Memory Full / Low Storage

Memory full is another common issue that our customer encounter. As games are getting more advanced every year, the data that it requires are increasing as well. Therefore on older device, the storage capacity may not be sufficient enough for newer games to run. Hence you may do storage expansion (for selected models only) and install newer games to run on.

Common signs of low storage:

  • Slower loading speed
  • Lagging device
  • Lower Frame Rate, FPS

Corrupted Files

Sometimes any interruption to the device while it is saving data could result in corruption of files as it was not saved correctly/fully. Some of the causes may be sudden loss of power, abrupt restart/shutdown. Hence the files of the games may not load or in worse case scenario, the whole system may crash.

Common signs of corrupted files :

  • Fail to load game data
  • System crash frequently
  • Whole system crash