uBreakiFix Laptop, Desktop and All-In-One repair

Our laptop and PC computer repair and replacement services include the following:

– Hardware Repairs (CPU motherboard, monitor screen, keyboard, battery, graphics card, sound card, wifi, etc)

  • Cracked screen
  • Logic Board & Graphics repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Keyboard non responsive
  • Trackpad insensitive

– Operating System Installation

– Data Recovery

– Software Installation

– Liquid Damage/ Water corrosion

– Network Setup and Maintenance…and much more!

Onsite Tech Support

uBreakiFix provide onsite tech support for your PC repair needs regardless of hardware or software. We provide both house or office visit to help you with any PC problem! Do contact us and arrange our next visit!

Bring your device to our stores for free diagnosis to get your broken device to be repaired by our team of technicians who can repair your computers. Our technicians are trained and certified to work on all types of computers and all makes and models. Call Steve 90076741 or send enquiry:

Common PC Repair

Crack or Damaged Screen Repair

Damage screen are usually caused by dropping of device at elevated height or strong impact by foreign object. Rest assured that your device still can be fixed with a screen replacement.

Laptop LCD Damage

Sometimes the screen may still be working with a few visible lines. Do note that after a prolong period of not fixing, the screen may just fail without any further warning. So do repair it as soon as possible when you are available before the screen turn blank forever.

Laptop LCD Damage
Laptop Spoiled Hinge

Damaged Laptop Hinge Repair

The hinge of the laptop is one of the most used moving parts in a laptop. As when you need to use the laptop, you will pull up the screen and during storing of the laptop, you have to pull down the screen. Those movement will require the hinge to move to the angle that you want and to support the weight of the screen. Any accidental knock or too much strength can cause the hinge to be damaged

Laptop Spoil Hinge

Sometimes the hinge can be severely damaged till the whole part comes off. Do not panic as there might still be hope in fixing your laptop. Do bring down your laptop and let our technician diagnose if there is any damage beyond repair and if not, our technician will quote you accordingly for the repair.

Keyboard Replacement Repair

The Keyboard is one of the most used part of the laptop, some keys may fail after a prolonged usages. Unfortunately for most laptop, it is not possible to replace the individual broken keys. Hence it is necessary to replace the whole Keyboard.

Water Damage Repair

Accidents do happen and sometimes there may be water spill on the PC and water may slip into sensitive parts like the motherboard. But fret not as there are scenario where with water damage, the PC can still be saved. Do bring down your PC to stores and let our technicians diagnose if it can still be repaired or you may contact them through WhatsApp.