Sell handphone high price, New phone buyback

We buy your used (working / spoilt) or newly recontracted phones, tablets and laptops. Prices shown below are indicative values and subjected to change at any time. For models not in the list, please call/whatsapp Aaron 8333 0143.

Buy back is a scheme for customers to sell brand new phones to us for cash, especially if they do not need the phone after a recontract. The original telco receipt is required. Prices are based on phones in sealed condition with an undated warranty card.

For trade-in of used phones, the actual value depends on the phone’s physical condition, original accessories (including memory cards), remaining manufacturer’s warranty (if any) and original packaging.


Used (Trade-in)
New (Buy back)
iPhone 12 256B-$1,380
iPhone 12Pro 256B-$1,700
iPhone 12Pro 512B-$1,950
iPhone 11 64GB$500$740
iPhone 11 256GB$700$890
iPhone 11Pro 64GB$750$930
iPhone 11Pro 256GB$850$1,190
iPhone 11Pro Max 256GB$950$1,350
iPhone XS 64GB$420-
iPhone XS 256GB $470-
iPhone XS 512GB $500-
iPhone XS Max 64GB$550-
iPhone XS Max 256GB$600-
iPhone XS Max 512GB $650-
iPhone X 256GB$400-
iPhone X 64GB $350-
iPhone XR 128GB $400-
iPhone XR 256GB $450-
iPhone XR 64GB $340-
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB $350-
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB$300-
iPhone 8 256GB $230-
iPhone 8 64GB $200-
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB $220-
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB$180-
iPhone 7 256GB$180-
iPhone 7 128GB$150-
iPhone 6S Plus 128GB $100-
iPhone 6S 128GB $70-
iPhone 6 Plus 128GB$60-
iPhone 6 128GB$40-
iPad Pro 10.5" LTE 256GB$280-
iPad Pro 11" (2018) LTE 256GB$670-
iPad Pro 11" (2020) LTE 256GB$950$1,270
iPad mini5 cellular 256GB$400$700
iPad mini4 cellular 128GB$200-
iPad mini3 cellular 128GB$100-


Used (Trade-in)
New (Buy back)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G$750$880
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 512GB $500$800
Samsung Galaxy Note 10$350$600
Samsung Galaxy Note 9$250-
Samsung Galaxy Note 8$150-
Samsung Galaxy S20$570$770
Samsung Galaxy S10 PLUS 512GB$400-
Samsung Galaxy S10 PLUS 128GB$350-
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB$270-
Samsung Galaxy S9 PLUS 256GB$200-
Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS$100-
Samsung Galaxy S8 $80-
Samsung Galaxy S7$40-
Samsung Galaxy A11$60$130
Samsung Galaxy A31$150$250
Samsung Galaxy A51$160$300
Samsung Galaxy A50$70-
Samsung Galaxy A70$150-
Samsung Galaxy A80$150-
Samsung Tab S7 256GB LTE$750$980
Samsung Tab S6 128GB LTE$400$600
Samsung Tab S4 256GB LTE$200-
Samsung Tab S3 LTE$100-

Huawei Oppo Xiaomi etc

Used (Trade-in)
New (Buy back)
Huawei Mate30$250-
Huawei Mate30 Pro$400$630
Huawei Mate20$100-
Huawei Mate20 Pro$180-
Huawei P30$220$460
Huawei P30 Pro$400$690
Huawei P20$60-
Huawei P20 Pro$80-
Huawei Nova 5T$150$320
Oppo Reno 3Pro$260$420
Oppo Reno 4$260$420
Oppo Reno 2$140-

Sell handphone high price

Have other old phones to sell not listed here? Unable to sell your used handphones to telcos at high price? Do not worry. When you to come to sell your second hand or new hand phone we will assure to give you the rates that you want so that you can return satisfied.

New phone buyback

Planning to sell your new phone after recontract? Badly looking for someone who will purchase the phone from you? We know how badly you want the New phone buyback services, so we launch this New phone buyback service to give you the best rates.

Sell you new phone. Get best quote. Quick service. All you have to do is make sure you have not used the phone because we will only sell the new phones. Call your friendly uBreakiFix new, used phone sell, trade in and repair specialist now.